Don’t worry, be happy, eat (quality) chocolate!

The Chocolate Workshop packaging

Living in a small town in the middle of the South Island of New Zealand is a blessing most days but it can also be tough when you’re a gourmet, especially if you grew up in a country where it is normal to eat fine Swiss chocolates daily.

Wanaka residents were recently relieved from their misery thanks to Tanja Schwindt, owner and chocolatier extraordinaire of The Chocolate Workshop. Tanja has only been operating a few weeks, selling her delicacies at the Farmers Market and already connoisseurs have been lining up to get their weekly fix.

Using the best ingredients, Tanja hand crafts luxury truffles and chocolate shards. You will die for her Black Forest, Absinth, Cointreau or Coffee truffles to name a few. She also offers shards of dark or milk chocolate enrobing ingredients such as local hazelnuts, rum raisins, soft caramel or sesame seeds. Weekly specials keep things interesting.

NOKO Studio loved working on the branding of this new venture. Cocoa beans are a great shape to play with and Tanja’s love for Art Deco was happily indulged. We’re excited to watch The Chocolate Workshop grow. But then we do have an ulterior motive: once you have tried the Chocolate Workshop’s products, there is no going back!

View the project in more detail, or visit to ease your chocolate pangs.

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